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Eric Maddy is a veteran journalist who has been writing, editing or teaching journalism for more than 35 years in Texas and New Mexico.

His family ties to Sandoval County go back more than 45years when his father purchased a lot in Rio Rancho Estates in March 1968 and subsequently relocated the family to the Albuquerque area two years later.

Maddy, a graduate of the University of New Mexico and Sandia High School, has worked for newspapers in four New Mexico communities — Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Portales. He has also worked for three Texas papers in El Paso, Amarillo and McAllen and also in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

In addition to teaching high school journalism in three Texas communities – El Paso, Fabens and McAllen – he has also done public relations work for the Fabens Independent School District and the New Mexico Activities Association. He is a lifetime member of the National Journalism Education Association and has made several presentations at their national conventions.

He began his professional career working for United Press International while also holding different positions at the New Mexico Daily Lobo.

An award-winning journalist, Maddy has been recognized for both column writing and news writing by the New Mexico Press Association.

In 2011 he was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure and awaits a possible kidney transplant.

He and his family reside in Rio Rancho.

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Our Mission

This site will cover events and activities in Rio Rancho and Sandoval County, New Mexico, the way they deserve to be covered.

There is no daily newspaper dedicated exclusively to our area, and no radio or over-the-air television station is based here. This leaves a tremendous void The-SCORE.info will try to fill.

With that in mind, here is our statement of operation and purpose:

  1. We will attempt to offer at least one piece of new content every day. It may be a commentary, photograph of a high school football game or coverage of a neighborhood association meeting — but something new. And you don’t have to put it in the recycle bin, because information will be stored on-line.
  2. We will always a free service. Our costs will be paid by advertisers who will appreciate your patronage.
  3. We will post content in a timely fashion. For example, if you’re a political junkie who doesn’t want to wait for coverage of a city council meeting, log on and read The-SCORE.info. We strive to post information virtually live to the web.
  4. We will be a resource for the community. The-SCORE.info will publish meeting times and places for community activities and service clubs, and provide links to your web sites in exchange for reciprocal links and contact information. This would, for example, allow a Kiwanis Club member who moves here from New York to find his local chapter through us. Just submit your information to us.
  5. We will stand up for what we believe in. We will not back away from controversial issues; rather, we will encourage all sides to present their views (within reason) and give them the space to express themselves. We will also prevent our view when we think it is appropriate. We initially planned to endorse candidates for office but have chosen not to. Our opinion is worth no more or less than anyone else. We should report the news and let you decide who best represents your personal position.
  6. We will practice appropriate journalistic ethics. The free expression and exchange of ideas is crucial in a democracy. All responses will be signed and verified before they are posted. No ranting and raving here. And when we make mistakes, we will correct them in a prompt fashion.
  7. We will be active in the community. We believe reporters can remain objective without having to give up their citizenship rights. Contributors to this site, including the publisher, will be encouraged to participate in the democratic process. If asked, we will serve where we can.
  8. 8. We will give those individuals we cover the opportunity to express themselves fully and completely. Look for full “Q & A” postings with the movers and shakers in our community that will give you more than the typical sound-bite quotes.
  9. We will maintain proper decorum at all times. No vulgarity or obscenity here. Our purpose is to promote informed discussion of issues and events, and the free flow of information to as many people as possible.
  10. We will have fun. We believe it is possible to inform and entertain at the same time.

With that in mind, welcome to The SCORE. We look forward to your input and feedback. E-mail us at EricMaddy@hotmail.com.

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